ChatGPT has been in the news for several months. For now, it is a prototype chatbot based on artificial intelligence. It is able to understand human language because it has been trained with human conversations. ChatGPT can be described as a real-time response engine. You just have to ask it any kind of prompt to get the answer. Since March 14, 2023, a new version with more parameters is available, giving GPT-4 more performance, reliability and accuracy.

What is ChatGPT used for in IT?

ChatGPT is a powerful and revolutionary tool. It knows the characteristic programming language. It can quickly produce computer code to create software. It can write or rewrite scripts in any language (C++, Python, VBA) and explain the usefulness of a code. ChatGPT can manage debugging cycles. It fixes and repairs bugs while explaining the process. It is a great help for developers, because it solves code errors. Since ChatGPT can decode shellcode, it detects security flaws and gives its expertise. This AI has a double hat and can also simulate a virtual machine. The GET request has no secrets for it. It turns into an operating system and communicates easily with web servers.

How is ChatGPT used in the database world?

A database can be used by a computer scientist who knows its programming language. It often goes hand in hand with an application that is the interface between the users and the data itself. ChatGPT can create this interface without going through the complexity of the SQL language.

ChatGPT is used as a direct assistance to requests. Since it masters natural language, it will be able to answer precisely the questions that users have. He is good at data cleaning. You can entrust it with your data and it will take care of it. Artificial intelligence excels in the analysis of encoded or packaged data. The data samples are screened to identify any anomalies. ChatGPT is the assistant that will help you optimize your programs. Define the sensitivity levels of your data and ChatGPT will develop a classification policy for your data. At the same time, cybersecurity researchers will be able to take advantage of the cutting-edge expertise of this AI.

It is possible to use ChatGPT to automate your software tests. ChatGPT understands the specifics of an application and is able to generate test cases based on those specifics. Why not use ChatGPT to create your own chatbot that will interact with your users? Use artificial intelligence to study test results as well. You will be able to give your instructions to improve the performance of your application.

Is ChatGPT a threat to data?

You don’t have to worry about it since the data is not retrieved by the artificial intelligence. Prompt users are deleted after 30 days. ChatGPT does not present any risk of confidential data leakage. It has been trained on a natural language processing (NLP) model. It can process data, but cannot retrieve it. ChatGPT does not pose a threat. It is the malicious use that is a fear for your data. It’s up to you to put in place a security protocol to protect your data.

What impact will ChatGPT have on the DBA profession?

For now, ChatGPT is more of an assistant than a replacement. It’s a great tool that saves time without doing your job. A DBA will still be designing and managing databases. His tasks can just be redefined to include ChatGPT as an automated task. The big data architect will be able to focus on more complex tasks. He will continue to collaborate with developers. If you are a DBA, don’t be afraid of ChatGPT. Think of it as your ally, your partner who won’t overshadow you. Artificial intelligence is a definite advantage for you. ChatGPT will not take your place, it has its limits. Unlike you, it is unable to have an opinion. The more specific and complex the question or problem, the more difficult it will be to provide accurate answers.

Instead, think of the arrival of ChatGPT as a technological breakthrough. The IT industry needs to ride this wave to adapt to the rise of artificial intelligence. Companies that want to develop their applications with ChatGPT should not hesitate to invest in training so that their staff can become more skilled. AI can make mistakes just like humans. To minimize the risks, IT companies will have to set up protocols with a series of tests. With ChatGPT, it is the user experience that tends to be improved. If you develop your own chatbot, the impact on your technical support will be significant. The reduction in phone calls will allow database architects to focus on more technical tasks.

The impact of ChatGPT on the DBA profession is positive. Artificial intelligence will help the big data architect manage data and provide analysis to improve a program. With ChatGPT, it is a different way of working while gaining in efficiency and productivity.

ChatGPT is useful if you use it as a tool and not as an absolute truth. The IT industry is full of high demand jobs. Experts will always be favored. The question arises for beginners. Will they be in a fragile position? Will they have a place alongside ChatGPT? Only time will tell.

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