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Database Architechs is committed to supporting its employees through rich and varied missions and an attentive and proactive training policy in favour of their evolution.

DBA Oracle


“This is the company I would have liked to find when I left engineering school. Without intermediaries, we talk directly with those who make decisions, whether it’s the sales people or the managers. Up-to-date training plan to keep you on top. Direct and honest dialogue. The assignments are always at the top from a technical point of view.”

DBA Sybase


“I joined Database Architechs as a Sybase DBA in 2016. They were able to support me in my desire to increase my skills in different technologies such as SQL Server and Oracle. The company is on a human scale and has a warm atmosphere thanks to the efforts of the administrative and commercial team to keep in regular contact with each of the employees. Expertise, support and goodwill are the key words at Database Architecshs. I recommend them!”

DBA Oracle SQL Server


“As a young DBA, following a retraining in IT, with just over a year’s experience, I wanted to think bigger, to challenge myself again.
So I joined DATABASE Architechs, a new stage began, a new client, new objectives to achieve. Slightly stressed at the beginning, as soon as I started my mission, my needs and expectations were listened to and understood. A training plan was quickly established and implemented. Since then, I have all the cards in my hand to move forward and develop in my work, while always being accompanied by my company.”

DBA PostgreSQL Devops


“I joined Database Architechs in 2018 as a DBA, Database Architechs has been able to accompany me and help me to increase my skills through various training courses. The missions are very interesting and enriching humanly and professionally.

Database Architechs remains a human-sized company, the management is attentive and very close to its employees.”

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