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ChatGPT: utility and impact on the database IT industry

  • On 13 avril 2023
ChatGPT has been in the news for several months. For now, it is a prototype chatbot based on artificial intelligence. It is able to understand human language because it has been trained with human conversations. ChatGPT can be described as a real-time response engine. You just have to ask it any kind of prompt to […]
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The Big Data & AI Paris 2022 Innovation Awards

  • On 11 octobre 2022
Every year, the Big Data & AI Paris exhibition rewards the most innovative artificial intelligence and/or Big Data projects. On Monday, September 26, 2022, the eleventh edition of the show was held. A jury composed of six experts in artificial intelligence and Big Data selected four finalists, who competed by defending their projects in front […]
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War in Ukraine: How global tech is isolating Russia

  • On 4 avril 2022
The news is dominated by the Ukraine-Russia conflict. On a geopolitical level, this turf war has repercussions in several sectors of activity. This is particularly the case in the field of IT and technology. Thus, diplomatic sanctions against Russia involve a technological blackout. This side-lining affects many aspects of tech. Let’s remind ourselves of the […]
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Technologies and big data: essential solutions for 2022

  • On 28 janvier 2022
Nowadays, it is unthinkable for a company to ignore tech and big data trends, at the risk of losing competitiveness. The point to be aware of is that innovations in the digital world change every year. We were able to observde this fact at the Big Data & AI World show on 23 and 24 […]
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Qarnot: this French cloud, an eco-design model

  • On 28 juin 2021
The increasingly damaged  image of GAFAM in the eyes of the public is particularly linked to the awareness of the existence of gigantic, energy-intensive data centres.
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Google abandons Oracle for SAP

  • On 18 mai 2021
It seems that Google has decided to take a new turn in the competition by abandoning Oracle’s finance software and turning to SAP.
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Data base: Oracle MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server catch up

  • On 4 mars 2021
Whether you’re a developer or business consultant, you will obviously choose a database management system (DBMS) offering tangible advantages and results compared to other products. Let us  look at MySQL 8.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019, both of which have benefited from improvements that make them preferred choices.
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Understanding Hybrid Cloud

  • On 15 septembre 2020
If 2019 was the year of the crowning of Cloud computing, 2020 and the years to come  will undoubtedly be those of the hybrid cloud.
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