Nowadays, it is unthinkable for a company to ignore tech and big data trends, at the risk of losing competitiveness. The point to be aware of is that innovations in the digital world change every year. We were able to observde this fact at the Big Data & AI World show on 23 and 24 November 2021 in Paris. However, some technologies relate to user needs or aim to provide a response to particular contexts.

Open-source software

Management tools used in companies can be proprietary or open source. In 2022, open source software will be attracting lots of professionals. There are several explanations for this interest. FIrstly, there is the price. These programs are cheaper than proprietary tools. And secondly, they are flexible. Developers can then edit the source codes directly. Inthis way, they can customize the interface or add tables according to their needs. Then they can break away from the software companies. They are also accessible and secure. Finally, a link remains between open source tools and the cloud thanks to the numerous SaaS offers available on the market.

The cloud

Cloud computing is gaining ground. It also continues to settle permanently in companies whether at the level of VSEs, SMEs or ad hoc consortia. The model was compounded from the moment when working from home was put in place with a view to containing the pandemic.

The sector is competitive though dominated by the American giants. This domination is related to the multiple formulas they offer to satisfy user requirements. However, the existence of various hidden costs has to be mentioned. For example, the model is based on the invoicing of input and output data. Conscious of this factor, consumers will consequently be attracted by proposals from small suppliers. They excel in services such as data storage and content delivery.

Multi-cloud will also become standard for the majority of organizations. The multi-cloud principle consists of using public clouds and private clouds from different providers. Another concept named hybrid cloud will be a further trend.

Safety first

In a hyper-connected and automated world, the perennial issue remains the security of the programs offered and how reliable this is. Professionals in the cybersecurity sector will thus have a huge amount of work developing innovative solutions.

Several skills are needed to work in this field. Most specialists are graduates in information security architecture. Companies also recruit candidates with skills in risk management.

At the moment, everything seems to indicate that the measures taken within companies are far from being sufficient to eliminate all the risks caused by computer hacking. In addition, the techniques used by hackers develop in parallel with the countermeasures taken. The goal of those working in the sector is therefore to ensure the security of data during external calls.


During 2021, various cryptocurrencies have emerged on the market. They will mature in 2022. The appearance of new cryptocurrencies must therefore be anticipated. These decentralized financial means, more commonly known by the acronym DeFi, will experience strong growth in terms of value. Conversely, traditional cryptocurrencies could experience a decline or even run out of steam. A specific example was the fall in the value of Bitcoin (10%) at the beginning of January.

Speaking of Bitcoin,  the digital currency has been upgraded . The update was codified Taproot. The tool provides developers with a variety of benefits. These include providing new functionalities or improving confidentiality.

New generation cryptocurrencies are supposed to solve the shortcomings of digital currencies like Ethereum. They will be based on parallel blockchains. We can then erfer to the term parachains.

Artificial intelligence or AI

AI chip vendors have increased in the market. They have developed the hardware architectures themselves, from design to production. Previously, the word smart simply meant connecting to the internet. Smartphones or watches became available. Now, AI is talking about devices capable of learning on their own.

They are designed with specific algorithms to allow them to do this. One of the innovations expected for 2022 is the smart car. It will be able to detect obstacles. Apart from vehicles, it will not be uncommon to see advanced research on the autonomous workspace or smart buildings… We need to accept that AI will continue to transform the life of every household.

The government also wants to make France a leader in the sector. Several events have been launched to achieve this objective, such as the national consultation phases on AI strategy. Numerous investments have also been made to ensure the development of AI applications and software.

The Knowledge graph

The Knowledge graph is a support tool from Google. It allows you to answer factual questions based on known events. However, we need to be aware that the platform has to judge the information relevant before offering it to Internet users. So, for example, these users will be able to type in queries about matters relating to an architectural work or the weather. Factual data is received in various ways. It is also used to gain visibility in the field of digital marketing.


Automation intends to revolutionize the world of commerce and computing. Contrary to popular belief, it will not cut jobs after its implementation. In fact, employees will be trained to handle the machines.

Two options stand out. These are robotics and software of the CRM or ERP type. Three objectives are covered by automation, namely: the identification, control and automatic launch of various processes. This trend will be driven by the growing popularity of AI in 2022. The expected results are notable developments in terms of electronic signatures. We still need to mention conversational AI. It is already used on many sales sites and online user assistance platforms.

Two concepts will be highlighted when mentioning automation. These are DevOps and DataOps automation.

In DevOps automation, technologies are tuned to execute tasks instinctively. This will presuppose a reduction in human actions. Certain business environments, such as procurement or production, can be automated with DevOps. Companies also choose the agile development method.

On the other hand, DataOps is more oriented towards data analysis. It combines with data science. It is useful when decisions have to be made. Here, data scientist skills will be needed to evaluate data from data engineers.

As you will have gathered, 2022 should be a continuation of 2021. Once again we will need to rely on eco-design, in addition to these major trends which seem to be emerging. Under permanent pressure from the warning signals that light up from all sides, digital players will continue to be active in 2022 in search of solutions to limit their greenhouse gas emissions and reduce their environmental footprint.

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